About Us

Our mission is to help as many women and children to start their own business as we can. We also hope to bring mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, and families together.

I started this business for my only daughter in 2020 when she was only six months old. Being a boy mom I knew I had to do something different and bond different with my daughter than I do with sons and that's how Della's Glam was created.

She's 1 now and I don't know if she'll be into makeup yet, but we do have our bonding time when I'm working. I give her an empty container and she pretends she's working also. It may not be much but I know for sure she is watching me so I must lead by example.

I'm taking the neccessary steps to secure my children future. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from moving forward.

Thank you all for your support. Stay blessed and stay safe.

To see our reviews Google Della's Glam or check out our Etsy page. Your Support is greatly appreciated. Thank You